Author: Titneki McDaniel

Create Your Own Website for Free

Good afternoon! Have you ever thought about having your own website? You can, for free! Just go to and click on create website. Once you are on the website follow the instructions from there. You may also consider or to create a website for the price of a burger and fries. The choice is yours. Now that you have a website, share your story with the world through blogging or just building your brand. You never know who you may inspire. I can’t wait to read your posts…God bless and happy blogging!!!

What I learned in cosmetology school prepared me for state board. What I didn’t learn in cosmetology school prepared me for failure! Please don’t get me wrong, I learned plenty in cosmetology school but I didn’t learn how to start and run my own business. While I was a student, I was never encouraged to have my own. Even though I wanted my own salon I was always discouraged in one way or another. Fortunately there was a spirit of motivation inside of me, a flame that never died. It kept me wanting and pushing for more. I thank God for that spirit because I am the proud owner of HARMONY-“A Blowout, Cut, & Color Salon”! If you are a student or cosmetology graduate there are some things you can do right now to succeed in this industry and it doesn’t always have to be behind the chair! Stay tuned for more…as always, be inspired, encouraged, and empowered. God Bless…